How to cope with a mood disorder!

By: James E. DelGenio MS, LCPC
Senior Staff Therapist,
The Family Institute at Northwestern University

Structure is needed when you have a mood disorders.

This form helps create structure around ones weekly activities and goals. People with mood disorders need structure to help manage their symptoms. You can also track your marital/relationship goals if you choose. This tool helps track progress toward any goal by adding structure to your week. Make multiple copies. Modify as needed; feel free to add or delete goals. Rate your mood 1 through 10. Ten is best.  Place copy on your refrigerator or someplace where you can check it daily. Mark the goals each day so that you can see the week in review.  Note your alcohol/drug use and your mood rating in the 3 days after use.  If your mood dips; connect the dots. Being consistent in your goals makes a huge difference in managing your mood. Try it!

Week of _________________

Mon     Tues     Wed     Thurs     Fri      Sat      Sun

Meds compliance


Social activity



Date night

Civility and respect

Sleep # of hours

 Drug, alcohol use

 Time out called

 Time out respected

Mood 1 – 10 best

Family meetings

Psychiatric apt.

This chart helps track progress toward goals and a structured week. Make multiple copies. Feel free to add or delete goals. Place it on your refrigerator or someplace where you can check it daily. You may find it useful; try it.

Note: Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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Call James E. DelGenio MS, LCPC, Senior Staff Therapist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, 847-733-4300 Ext 638.

Disclaimer: This material is meant to be used in conjunction with psychiatric treatment, medication, if necessary, and supportive therapy. Always share this material and your questions about this material with your doctor and therapist.

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