Symptoms of Bipolar Mood Disorders and how to cope.

By: James E. DelGenio MS, LCPC
Senior Staff Therapist,
The Family Institute at Northwestern University

Negative rumination i.e. negative thoughts on repeat often cause conflict in relationships.  Physical distraction of any kind will help some, i.e. cardio work, chores, walking, hobbies. If these don’t help you will need to consider medication.

Overwhelmed with anxiety, panic, depression. This causes lack of motivation and loss of interest.  Need for medication is a must.

Changes in the sleep wake cycle esp. little or no sleep.  Could be heading for a manic episode. Often caused by non-compliance with the medication or alcohol use and abuse.

Isolation and withdrawal from friends and family.  We all need social contacts for good mental health. Look at the pandemic!

Alcohol use or abuse. Either way alcohol and mood disorders do not mix. Alcohol is a depressant and it will increase your anxiety. Don’t drink; you will feel better!

Little or no impulse control; Risky behavior, such as sex, reckless driving.

Uncontrolled spending w/o regard for ability to pay.

Racing thoughts and speech, grandiosity, invincibility.

Verbally abusive to others.  Conflictual relationships. Never permit physical abuse; report it. Get out!  Go to a shelter but get out.

Denial, No need for help or medication! Can’t trust your own thoughts. Need reality testing with friends and family to get past denial.

Hopelessness, thoughts of suicide.

Medication is as necessary as insulin is to a diabetic.  It’s just genetics with faulty chemistry.

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