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Symptoms of Depression and other mood disorders

James E. DelGenio MS, LCPC

Symptoms of clinical depression & symptoms of situational depression.

If left untreated, symptoms of depression, anxiety and panic may worsen and severely disrupt one’s life. These symptoms can cause untold suffering and possibly lead to hospitalization, strained relationships, divorce or even suicide. Recognizing the symptoms of a mood disorder is often the biggest hurdle to the diagnosis and treatment. I will list commonly recognized symptoms; see how many apply to you. Typically, if you recognize more than two or three from the checklist below you should consider getting an evaluation by a licensed professional.

Symptoms of depression, panic and anxiety checklist: Note the symptoms that apply to you.
__ Lack of pleasure, loss of interest and energy
__ Lack of goal-directed behavior, lack of motivation, lethargy
__ Lack of insight into one’s own behavior
__ Inability to structure time, poor concentration
__ Anger, hostility, irritability
__ Strained relationships, marital conflict, loss of friends
__ Withdrawal, isolation, would rather be alone
__ Difficulty in getting along with people
__ Sleeping too much or too little
__ Anxiety, worry, sadness, low mood
__ False beliefs, negative thinking, rumination
__ Feeling guilty, stressed or hopeless
__ Poor self-care including hygiene and diet
__ Aches, pains, dizziness, headaches, or stomach aches
__ Unintentional weight loss or gain
__ Crisis prone, police involvement
__ Low sex drive
__ Thoughts of suicide, homicide

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Disclaimer: This material is meant to be used in conjunction with psychiatric treatment, medication, if necessary, and supportive therapy. Always share this material and your questions about this material with your doctor and therapist.