What are the symptoms of a mood disorder?

By: James E. DelGenio MS, LCPC

What is a mood disorder?

A Mood disorder is a generic term for people experiencing mild to severe depressive disorders, situational depression often associated with grief and loss, bipolar disorders, panic and anxiety disorders, phobias, personality disorders and other disorders which may include alcohol or drug abuse or dependence. Check the symptoms list below. If you have four or more related symptoms, discuss these symptoms with your doctor, psychiatrist and therapist.

Common symptoms of a mood disorder

__    Lack of pleasure, loss of interest and energy.
__    Lack of goal directed behavior.
__    Feeling down and depressed
__    Lack of motivation, lethargy.
__    Inability to structure time, poor concentration.
__    Anger, hostility, irritability, resentment.
__    Strained relationships, marital issues, divorce, loss of friends.
__    Withdrawal, isolation, would rather be alone.
__    Difficulty in coping with the past or stuck in the past.
__    Sleeping too much or too little.
__    Anxiety, panic, worry, sadness, tearful.
__    Negative thinking, rumination.
__    Feeling guilty, stressed or hopeless.
__    Poor self-care including hygiene and diet.
__    Aches, pains, dizziness, headaches, or stomach aches.
__    Unintentional weight loss, gain.
__    Crisis prone, police involvement.
__    Low sex drive.
__    Thoughts of suicide, homicide.

    • These disorders require education, psychiatric treatment and ongoing therapeutic support.
    • The key here is management of a disability.
    • You manage it or it will manage you!  How do you want to live your life?

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James E. DelGenio MS, LCPC

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Disclaimer: This material is meant to be used in conjunction with psychiatric treatment, medication and supportive therapy. Always share this material and your questions about this material with your doctor and therapist.

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